Life Lessons For Our Children…The Thrill of Productivity Or The Agony of Deceit

View More:…with its ups and downs, twists and turns, is an adventure worth enjoying through achievement and challenge. To experience one without the other would be a flat line, and offer no drama, excitement or joy. The late, and great, Jim Rohn wrote that people are happier and more fulfilled when they are productive…pursuing and achieving unusual goals.

An open letter to my oldest child on his 15th birthday serves as a reminder to me that these lessons are simply reminders that the journey toward fulfillment in this life never ends…

Dear Patrick,

The day you were born, we were not even thinking of that day in the future when you would turn 15! We were absolutely filled with joy and excited to just stare at you…Over the last 15 years, you’ve given Mommy and me gifts of a lifetime, a front row seat to an amazing young man’s experiences. All of the triumphs, challenges, fun and adventure. This birthday feels a bit like an initial rite of passage as you enter high school at BC with so many possibilities and promise. Become the exact man you want to be, be a leader, be a calculated risk-taker, be courageous…

1. Make your mistakes, but bring no harm to others.
2. Dream specific BIG dreams and make even more specific BIG plans, and share your dreams with others,
3. Take real ACTION, because nothing happens otherwise!

Everything, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, you dream about doing and becoming is possible and there for the taking, and the formula is very specific:

Dream it, commit to it, speak of it often, plan for it, and…then TAKE ACTION and DO IT!


Learn from mistakes and from successes, ours, yours and others, because they all hold clues to the life that you dream of.for yourself.

Love your family, especially your sister, because we love you so very much that it defies an articulate verbal explanation. Love your friends, they will be gifts and guide posts for you in life, so choose the very best. Choose friends that you will love, respect and support in their life’s dreams, and look for the same in return.

Help those that need a helping hand and truly cannot help themselves, because compassion is a vital virtue. However, do not fall victim to those that won’t help themselves and desire to drag you down to their level. Give more than you get, and you will be fulfilled beyond your imagination.

Above all pal, be true to who you are and never, ever compromise that, because truly loving that man staring back at you in the mirror is what counts in the end…I love you so much pal!



“Knowing why you were born is a gift to you, knowing how to best use that gift to succeed and help others is a treasure.” – 2015

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