Getting The Answers Before You Take The Test Isn’t Cheating…It’s SMART!

Cheating on a test

Most people believe that getting the answers prior to taking a test would normally be considered cheating. However, I believe that if you don’t seek the answers in advance and make a “cheat sheet”, you’re missing a huge opportunity to serve your customers most effectively. When conducting IMPACT™ Selling Workshops over the last 10 years, I am often shocked by the number of salespeople who do not carry a working pad to take notes about customer comments, needs and desires regarding their next vehicle.

The truth is that prospects want us to understand their needs, wants and desires, so when we employ a smart, relevant line of inquiry and take great notes, they actually appreciate it! What stops most inexperienced, under-developed talent in the business of selling cars? See the equation below:

Lack of Training & Development

    Lack of Preparation

    Lack of Selling Process

+ Lack of Confidence                                               

   Lack of Prospect Rapport/Effective Fact Finding

The objective is not to make a new “friend”, but to be friendly and work with your prospect through a process of “guided discovery” to help you help them select the right vehicle. Keep it simple, provide smart, relevant options with simple questions that always give your prospect multiple options to engage and advance the process. Below is a sampling of 10 simple, but effective fact-finding questions designed to make your prospects feel at ease and give you the answers you seek:

  • MILLION $$ TIP…Use Example #1 in place of “Can I help you?”
  1. Are you looking for a car, truck or crossover option today?
  2. What 2 or 3 features or characteristics are most important to you in your next vehicle, safety, fuel efficiency, styling, etc?
  3. What did you enjoy most about your current vehicle?
  4. What would you change about your current vehicle?
  5. Do you prefer a vehicle with or without navigation?
  6. Are considering leasing, financing or just paying cash?
  7. How did you plan to handle your initial investment on your lease…the normal 15-20% down or were you considering more?
  8. Are you leaning toward a lighter or darker color?
  9. Cloth or Leather interior?
  10. Did you want to choose a vehicle with or without a sunroof?

Conceptually, we are seeking the answers to the test of selecting the right vehicle and already setting the stage for future negotiation. It is enjoyable when you’ve prepared by practicing your relevant line of questioning skills, drilled with role playing and then create your own questions. The idea is to accomplish the dual task of being friendly, positive and gaining the inside information your prospect knows that you don’t, so that you can help them make a smarter decision. Think about it from your prospect’s perspective, they came to make a purchase decision, they only do this once or twice every 3-4 years on average, so they want, and react positively to, a Sales Professional who is prepared. Take the time to get really good at this skill, have fun with this and watch your closing percentage soar! And remember…

Amateurs settle for being one of a million, but professionals always strive to be One-In-A-Million!©

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