Possibly the Single Biggest Cause of Wasted Time…The Subtle Art of Product Selection

Time Wasting

In my experience working with newer Sales Professionals, the biggest challenge they face is the time they need to get through the selling process with a prospect. This happens for a variety of reasons, but one early mistake made is selecting the wrong vehicle for a prospect. This happens for a variety of reasons, but the three most prevalent are:

  1. Poorly Fact Finding/Needs Analysis
  2. Emotion vs Logic
  3. Fear or Pride

In our last post, we discussed the value of Step 2 (Building Rapport & Fact Finding/Needs Analysis) in as much as we seek to know the answers to the test of Vehicle Selection in advance of that choice. Let’s briefly examine all three reasons for mistakes made in selecting a vehicle.

Poorly Executed Fact Finding/Needs Analysis

Most newer Sales Professionals are nervous about prospect engagement. This is completely normal and to be expected, so if you feel inadequate or uncomfortable. Congratulations…You’re now in officially in the profession of selling, and the good news is that it gets easier. We tend to want to speed through the process of building rapport and fact finding, so that we can get to next step or we invest way too much time “making friends” with our prospect. Remember to simply be friendly, not always looking to make a new friend. When you feel like you’re losing control a bit, just slow it down with a smart, relevant question (See our last post!), listen to your prospect’s response and take great notes. The key to calming yourself down is to recognize when you’re getting off track or moving too fast, and then you can take the simple step of asking a smart, relevant question to regain your footing. This action will provide you a much needed “tap on the brakes”, but it will also reinforce with your prospect that they come first and are the one guiding the decision-making process.

Emotion vs Logic

Every experienced Sales Professionals can fondly recall their first few months in the business with a wry smile hinting at their own trials and tribulations. Another common mistake is wanting the excitement alone to carry the sale. Yes, we want everyone involved to be excited, and as Sales Professionals, we are tasked with helping to create that excitement. However, we must guard ourselves and our prospects against what Alan Greenspan referred to as “irrational exuberance”. In other words, we use some level of logic regarding the of cost-to-budget ratio based on what we learn during our Fact Finding.

Fear or Pride

These can be real killers if allowed to persist, because they are false indicators of “reality” in the theater of your mind. Fear can be paralyzing, and it often prevents us from asking for help when we can most use it. My suggestion is to slay fear by realizing that it is never productive or useful in selling. If you are unsure about Vehicle Selection, I suggest going to your Team Leader or Sales Manager for assistance. If they are an effective leader, they can guide you and get you on track. Pride can be even more difficult to conquer, because it tends to feed ego and my credo is, “Ego is expensive!”. Don’t permit your ego to stop you from asking for help once in a while when you need it. It is a sign of intelligence, not stupidity or weakness.

In most circumstances, this step should only take a few minutes to execute when we have effectively built rapport and gained insight during Step 2 of the IMPACT Selling Process™. So, take the time to do it right and remember…Amateurs settle for being one of a million, but professionals always strive to be One-In-A-Million! ©


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