Energy, Enthusiasm & Engagement…It’s SHOWTIME!

Show Time

It became crystal clear to me almost 25 years ago…

I was half-way through one of those “no time for lunch or anything else” busy Saturdays in our Pontiac-GMC-Isuzu store and I was completing a spot delivery in the F&I office. As I finished up with packaging the deal docs, I overheard the presentation being given by one of our more productive Sales Professionals. The prospect was at one end of a minivan and the Sales Professional was at the other. There was absolutely zero connection between the two. I was taken back by the lack of control and disappointed in the lack of effort to provide a dynamic and engaging experience for the prospect. It was flat, one-dimensional and delivered no passion or excitement. Picture in your mind that non-descript salesperson who is simply going through the motions and not proceeding as if the sale and the commission will be reflective of their level of performance. It spoke to me loudly and at an instinctual level. Instantly, I recognized that we had failed our prospects, customers and ourselves. The importance of the continual inspiration and motivation of our Sales Managers and Sales Professionals to always deliver our very best was a critical factor in sustainable success…Our prospect customers, managers and dealers deserved better, but perhaps most importantly, we deserved better as selling professionals.

If we want to see higher closing ratios and bigger income, then we need to polish up our act! At some point, all Sales Professionals are putting on an act…Well to put it more accurately, we are performing. Never more so than when we are conducting a feature-rich, prospect engaging 360° Million Dollar Presentation aka “The Walkaround”. Up to this point, our star status should be dulled in order to allow our prospect to be centerstage. Now, we get to use all of our style, guile and showmanship to highlight the features that align with what we’ve learned about our prospect’s needs, wants and desires. That said, this is a process driven step in the IMAPCT Selling Process© that deserves consistency and leadership on your part. Now I’ll share some tips for making this an incredible experience for you and your prospects!


  1. Be energetic and passionate, not a circus clown!
  2. Always create the “invitation” to explore the vehicle with you by opening the vehicle up completely, meaning the hood, all doors and the trunk or rear gate/door(s). This signals to your prospect that they’re about to experience something special and unique!
  3. Always begin from the same position on the car. I recommend beginning at the driver side rear wheel. You can feature multiple aspects of the vehicle from this position and it allows you to circumnavigate the vehicle all 360 degrees!
  4. Use micro-story scenarios to demonstrate features and their associated benefits.
    1. Example: “Have you ever been faced with a situation where you’ve had to apply your brakes during an unexpected hard stop? Well, your new Jeep Grand Cherokee employs over 70 advanced Safety and Security features including Anti-lock Braking System to help you avoid potential collisions in hard-braking situations. This matters when it matters most to you! Your new Grand Cherokee provides you and your family with the highest level of safety out of any vehicle in its class!”
  5. Kick it off with an attention-grabbing superlative statement of fact about their new vehicle!
    1. Example: “Picture the first long drive in your all-new Lexus LS500…You’ll enjoy the incredible benefit of up 30mpg, as well as your best in class, whisper-quiet interior!”
  6. Always use the information learned from your fact finding to highlight the features that are important to your prospect.
  7. Lead the experience for your prospect and invite them to touch, sit and feel many of the physical benefits for the vehicle for themselves.
  8. When discussing features, avoid hyper-technical terms unless your prospect has the interest level and understanding, as too often, we lose a prospect’s interest this way. As an alternative, keep it simple and paint easy to understand pictures for them with your words using situations where and when a feature will be most appreciated.
  9. Sprinkle “Trial Closes” into your presentation, 3-4 maximum so that you don’t appear to be to assumptive.
    1. Example: “Who do you plan to show your new A6 to first, family member or a neighbor?”
    2. Example: “How did you plan to register your new Altima, in your name or a business name?”
    3. Example: “Feels like we found the perfect vehicle for you. Just out of curiosity, will you park your new Accord in a garage or do you leave it in the driveway?”
  10. Always conclude at the same position on the car. I recommend landing the prospect in the driver seat, explain the instrument panel, driver info center, multi-function center stack, etc. (SPECIAL NOTE: THIS ALSO SETS UP THE NEXT STEP IN THE PROCESS, THE DEMO DRIVE!)

The reality is that too many times salespeople miss this opportunity to deliver loads of value to the prospect experience. If you use this time to set yourself apart from the competition out in the marketplace, and this can be easily accomplished, the benefits will be highly conspicous in both your improved closing ratios and your higher commission checks. Our prospects crave professionalism and a great experience, and it is simple to deliver consistently when we have the winning mindset that compels us to develop our skills through genuine preparation. Another Sales Professional skill that is easy to do, but even easier not to do.

So, remember…Amateurs settle for being one of a million, professionals strive to be One-In-A-Million!©

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