Baby, You Can Drive My Car…


Everybody knows that some prospects are NEVER, EVER, EVER going to agree to a Demo Drive in their new vehicle prior to owning regardless of what you do or say…PERIOD! However, in traveling throughout the country teaching The System©, which drives higher production and performance with simplified, effective skills and techniques, I am surprised at how many Sales Professionals have a tough time getting their prospects behind the wheel for a Demo Drive. Make this note now: There are some people who simply will not Demo Drive their new vehicle, and in order to maintain our sanity, we have to come to this realization. The reasons are manifold, but suffice to say that if you stay true to The System©, you will convert 95% +/- of your prospects to Demo Drives, so don’t waste valuable time attempting to “sell the Demo Drive” just stick to The System© for your best results. See Illustration #1 of the 80/10/10 Model of statistical distribution below.

Illustration #1: 80/10/10



Most people will Demo Drive the vehicle when we employ smart, consistent and assumptive language and technique. Not manipulation, but instead we give prospects real, relevant choices that deliver desired results. In other words, we use the words and techniques that help people to fluidly move through our selling process toward a smarter, better educated buying decision. Sounds easier…because it is.

An example of how we do this is to always work towards concluding Step 4 of The System©, The Million Dollar Vehicle Presentation©, by inviting the prospect to sit in the driver seat, buckle them in and shut the door to continue the presentation on the cockpit area. Once in the “driver seat” of the interaction with your prospect, you can now ask the right question regarding the Demo Drive.


Let’s first talk about the structure of the question. The concept is to lead your prospect to a smarter decision with a professional word track. Most prospects prefer to have choices that make sense and provides them a feeling of control and direction. So, providing them multiple options that make it easier to say yes is the essence of “guided discovery” and helps to improve your ratio of successful Demo Drives. Below is the most successful way to ask the Demo Drive question:

“It feels like we found the perfect vehicle for you, doesn’t it? Let’s take a quick spin…Would you prefer to drive on the main roads, the back roads or would you like to drive on both?”

Keeping it simple, but relevant is the secret. Assume the response will be positive, but if it isn’t, don’t worry. You still have the option of doing the actual driving yourself initially and inviting the prospect once again during the ride by pulling into an area that isn’t heavily trafficked (Try the back-lot area of your dealership or even a local mall) and switch seats. If the answer is still no, then move forward and keep momentum progressing toward the next step.

Either way, be a professional, because…Amateurs settle for being one of a million, professionals strive to be One-In-A-Million!©

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