Clients & Seminar Attendees Say It Best…

“Sandy has the unique ability to both visualize possibilities and provide the practical road map to achieve those possibilities. Working with Sandy over the years has proven to be invaluable in my career. If you work with Sandy I am confident you can expect to broaden your view of what is possible, uncover a tactical approach to achieve that vision, and leverage his infectious energy and savvy business acumen to do the hard work required to reach your goals.”

Patrick Delaney, President, Solsparks LLC

“Sandy’s passion, energy and motivation skills inspire people to reach to their goals. He has been instrumental in helping with the launch of Lexus of Route 10. His personality and skill have been such that everyone in our dealership has benefited from his expertise. His input has been tremendous and most professional. Notably, he provided us with valuable advice in every department, including our Business Development Center, Sales and Service department. Sandy delivers the desired results!”

Eric Ruby, VP and GM of Celebrity Motor Cars

Sandy is nothing short of AMAZING. He has MATCHED us with management candidates that were perfect for our organization. The candidates were of a quality we have never been able to obtain in the past. He has consulted on many aspects of our business and often knew prior to us knowing exactly what we needed. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandy as a recruiter and consultant. He is a very rare talent and we have been honored to have him on our team.

Bridget Beyer, CEO Beyer Family of Dealerships

“When Sandy speaks, there isn’t a single soul in the room that isn’t engaged or tuned into the message he is discussing that particular day. Sandy’s messages are truthful, and come from a true passion he has for whatever that days topic is about or a past experience. He has been through it, so he talks about it, and it sparks an interest in everyone listening to search for that same passion to become better at what we do everyday. I always look forward to sitting in with Sandy in these meetings because it is not just another guy preaching, he connects with you in a way that is truly inspiring. I hope everyone has the opportunity to sit with him one day to understand the Sandy Cerami Experience.”

Amanda Zamora, Luxury Sales at BMW of Springfield

“With distinct passion and commitment to ever improving himself, Sandy Cerami
motivates and inspires others to do the same. His decades of experience can be evidenced through the very savvy wisdom he so generously shares. He is an insightful consultant for businesses, yet ever more so for individuals. Time spent with Sandy always has a positive impact, both personally and professionally. He has an affirmative way that builds people up, adding to their confidence. Through the use of the very powerful language he shares, he imparts very practical skills that translate to success.”

Angela Malanga, Luxury Sales at Lexus of Route 10

“Words are very powerful. Sandy has the ability to help high powered sales people use them to achieve the desired results.”

Brian Bagdan, Luxury Sales at BMW of Springfield

“Sandy is a true visionary. His points of view, as well as motivational lectures, are unmatched. He allows others see beyond the day to day into something well beyond such. He gives others the insight, belief as well a confidence in themselves. What he has done for our business and staff is unparalleled.”

Ken Park, Certified Collision Repair Center Director at BMW of Springfield

“In just a short time of 2 months in Sandy’s group training sessions, I sold 17 cars in this past June and 20 in July with high gross in large part because of the inspiration and knowledge gained from his training. I strive to apply the valuable knowledge I’ve gained from Sandy, he is truly genuine, has great insights into the automotive business, and has a passion to succeed and help others do the same. The progression I’ve experienced from day one of his training is something I’m truly grateful for. My hat is off to Sandy for the person he is and the work he’s done.

Steve Taylor, Luxury Sales at Ray Catena Lexus

“I had the opportunity to work with Sandy this past year. Sandy is trustworthy and is always thinking out-of-the box to find better ways to help his clients. Sandy is a great dot connector and highly competent. He demonstrated leadership and integrity. I would recommend Sandy for any job. I look up to Sandy not only as a business partner but a mentor.”

Natalia Tango, Director of Business Development at CardFlight

“I’ve been a part of a service performance group for five years that Sandy has facilitated. Sandy speaks with knowledge from his experiences and most importantly he speaks from the heart. Each time I’ve been to his meetings I come back to work with a new focus. Sandy has always been able to allow those around him to think past our day to day routines as managers and open our minds to be true Solutionists™ to the departments we operate.”

Jamie Coats, Service Director at Hudiburg Auto Group

“Sandy is the ultimate professional and I would highly recommend him and his service to anyone considering him. He will have a positive effect on you and your business.”

Tony Noland, Owner at Tony Noland and Associates

“In order to grow your company, you have to first build a culture. Sandy is the best in the business at developing that culture! His enthusiasm, passion and knowledge are second to none. If you want to take your business to the very highest level of achievement, Sandy can provide all of the tools necessary to take you there! With strong building blocks such as Leadership and Accountability, Sandy can and will deliver solid and measurable results for your company. Give him a call and start the journey to greatness….TODAY!!”

Jim Kristoff, National Sales Director at AutoAlert, LLC

“I worked alongside Sandy for many years as a lender (GE Capital) and as his OEM partner (Isuzu). Sandy’s retail skills and dealership operations experience are world class. His passion, drive, and innovation differentiate him from the competition”

Gary Tucker, CEO, DealerRater A Company

“Sandy is a very knowledgeable and professional automotive executive. I have known Sandy for over 15 years and have observed his growth as a business person and specifically as an expert in many areas of the automobile business during that time. Sandy was an auto dealer peer of mine and he has always made himself available to offer his valuable insights into the automotive industry. Sandy has now positioned himself to offer his expertise and insights to many others in automotive and other businesses. The most important aspects of Sandy’s character that I can recommend are his integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty. Sandy is as solid as it gets.”

Stephen Boggess, Director, ISCO Industries, Inc

“I have known Sandy for over 15 years as a business partner and a friend. He is one of the most innovative and straightforward leaders I have encountered in my twenty plus years in the automotive industry. He has a strong gift for selling in one-on-one and group situations, and is also one of the better public speakers I have listened to. I highly recommend Sandy for positions where strong, visionary leadership is required”

Michael Colleran, VP North East U.S. Nissan Motor Corporation

“Sandy Cerami has been a consummate professional, excellent dealer operator and always a good listener during our friendship. As children of auto dealers we were asked to carry on a tradition of success that Sandy always did better than anyone. When we were at different gatherings together, business or social there was always people around asking his opinion on how a certain issue could be handled or what he would do in that situation. There is no doubt in my mind that he carries that intelligence forward and will offer all of his real-world experience through this new vehicle and bring sales increases along with it to the people he interacts with.”

Christopher Cerrina, Maserati Capital USA, DRM NER

“Sandy is a very knowledgeable and focused individual. He always embraces change and continues to increase his breadth of knowledge to make things more efficient and better than they were before. Sandy has a great ability to cut through the clutter to identify and solve problems. I had a great working relationship with him and would recommend his services to others.”

Brent Richardson, Sales Operations at Nissan Motor Corporation

“You did help me a lot with changing my thought process and view on the car business. I’m giving it all my effort and doing the right thing there. I love it. Thank you!! Just wanted to let you know. I have a lot of respect for you.”

Steve Taylor, Sales Professional, Ray Catena Lexus

“Sandy helped me to identify and appreciate the benefits I provide in my business. This created a huge positive shift for me in not only how I look at my business, but also in what action steps I take to promote my business. Sandy has a positive energy that is contagious and empowering. His expert use of coaching skills serve to guide and encourage me to move confidently in my professional life. I highly recommend Sandy to work with anyone who is up to the task of creating and following through with the action steps that will fulfill his/her near and long term goals.”

Donna Sardanopoli, CEO, Regulatory Intelligence Compliance Solutions

“Sandy has been an outstanding resource for our company and specifically, our service department. Sandy has provided creative, “out-of-the-box” thinking and ideas that have enabled our service consultants to work more efficiently and in turn, develop more gross profit for our dealership. It’s this kind of perspective, presented in an exceptionally positive way, that has fostered much more confidence in our team. I would strongly recommend Sandy to any automotive professional team looking for constant and immediate improvement.”

Brad Vaill, Customer Service Director, Celebrity Motor Cars

“I have had the great fortune being in a service performance group for Gulf States Toyota over the last year and a half that’s been facilitated by Sandy, and I have been to several of these over the last 20 years, but none as beneficial as this one has been for me. This is all due to the abilities and knowledge Sandy brings to the table as a consultant and facilitator. Sandy’s extensive knowledge and experience with both big and small dealers allows him to present in a way that if you are a new or seasoned manager you get so much from it. I always thought I knew all there was to know when it came to service until I had the fortune of meeting Sandy. I would highly recommend Sandy’s services to anyone that wants to bring their business to another level!”

Cecil Hebert, Service Director, Auto Nation Champion Toyota Austin

“Sandy is, hands-down, the smartest businessman I know. He has every quality that you could ever want in a business partner, and is the epitome of a team leader. From his welcoming personality to his prioritization skills, Sandy is a pleasure to work with. Above all else, Sandy always acts with integrity and honesty, and his positive influences can be felt throughout any of his endeavors. Whether it is business or friendship, there is no one I would recommend to someone else more than Sandy Cerami.”

Mario Mergola, Entrepreneur at

“Enthusiasm, positivism and integrity best describe Sandy Cerami. I have known Sandy for over 15 years as a talented and tenacious business professional; as well as a dedicated family man. His ever present desire to make others better at what they do make his role as a professional sales trainer a wonderful match for his formidable and honed skill set.”

Rick Fuller, Area General Manager, Audi of America

“Sandy IS motivation & results. I have worked and brainstormed with Sandy about sales approaches, leadership and motivating employees and he gets it. He provides tremendous focus for his customers and truly thinks outside the box. It was refreshing to work with Sandy and I would highly recommend his knowledge and expertise to anyone.”

John Rubinetti, Sr. VP, Bank of America

“Working with Sandy has been a richly rewarding experience. He possesses a valuable combination of deep business experience, personal insight and commitment to action. I can also attest to his personal traits of thoughtfulness and wisdom. I give high recommendations to Sandy for anyone considering a working relationship with him.”

Tom Morris, Chief Operating Officer, Riverside Partners Advertising

“Bright, versatile and intelligent…my friend Sandy Cerami is a salesman, manager, businessman, and entrepreneur. I have known him for more than fifteen years and highly recommend him for anything he says he can do. His attention to detail and ability to make quick and accurate decisions are his best traits. In personal life and business, the man is personable and he has a magnetic personality. What more is there?”

James A. Ziegler, CEO, Ziegler Super Systems

“Sandy has a contagious enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help businesses succeed. He is a very savvy automotive expert who knows what it takes to grow a business, how to motivate employees and I would recommend Sandy to any business looking to grow revenue.”

Thomas Joseph, Partner, Advantage Concepts Inc

“I had the opportunity to work with Sandy this past year. Sandy is trustworthy and is always thinking out-of-the box to find better ways to help his clients. Sandy is a great dot connector and highly competent. He demonstrated leadership and integrity. I would recommend Sandy for any job. I look up to Sandy not only as a business partner but a mentor.”

Natalia Tango, Director of Business Development, CardFlight

“Sandy is simply the best. He cares, follows up and stands by his word. Sandy’s appeal is his ability to find solutions that work and to own a customers perspective and follow up on concerns as though they were his. Sandy is someone you can count on.”

John Moser, Chief Marketing Officer at Loyalty Analytics

“You could not work with a better dealer then Sandy Cerami he knows the ins & outs of dealership operations like a pro. He is passionate, invested and an overall team builder.I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone searching to motivate their team from the ordinary to the extraordinary.”

Joe DeLuigi, Director of Fixed Operations Crown Honda