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“I can help you transform you and your team from…one of a million into One-in-a-Million!”©

Every Leader knows that to grow your business, you must first invest in growing your people. Most businesses that achieve best-in-class or iconic status perpetually invest in people beyond simple recruiting and off-the-shelf “training” programs. They focus on development as a core business philosophy.

Generally throughout the course of my professional practice and ensuing engagements, I encounter two types of organizations: Those that see professional development, culture and education as an investment with BIG RETURNS and those that perceive it to be an expense too hard to justify. Leaders, must ask themselves a critical question, “If you commit to investing in your people, is it probable that you would pay for less problems and expensive mistakes from a culture of misguided, disillusioned or negative thinking?”

Our clients experience astonishing success. We currently partner with the fastest growing Lexus, BMW and Maserati dealerships in the US over the last 4 years as well as in the history of the brands! We work with national super-brands such as ESPN and and regional brands like Merchants and Cablevision on various projects ranging from cultural transformations and efficacy guidance to sales training and personal development.  Do you seek to achieve even greater success? Each client dictates the direction in their markets, with talented people seeking positions in the company versus pure recruiting. They’re recognized top performers prepared to develop their people both professionally and personally.

We work at all levels within organizations on cultural transformations driving higher levels of critical performance. Each has its own unique challenges based on more broadly occurring threats which often silently plague growth and development in any organization, large or small. When not identified and corrected growth is suffocated. We teach clients and their teams to leverage better thinking for optimized performance. The basis is made up of the academic, social and practical experiences of the most important “asset” any organization has…its people.